Coors Brewery Tadcaster

Anaerobic/aerobic effluent treatment

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ARL Consulting worked closely with the Coors Tower Brewery to establish the most appropriate technical solution and to undertake full project and contract management. To find out how we can help you, please call now on 01244 344233 or drop your details into the form below.

ARL Consulting undertook detailed process design engineering and project management for the new effluent treatment plant at the Coors brewery at Tadcaster.

The design was critical in terms of the required quality of the final effluent because of the stringent consent conditions set by the Environment Agency for discharge into the nearby River Wharf. The specification prepared by ARL Consulting therefore required anaerobic pre-treatment and an aerobic polish prior to discharge.

ARL prepared a full technical specification and associated contract documentation(based on the IChem E Red Book ‘lump sum’ contract) and managed the associated tender enquiry and bid analysis. This resulted in Veolia being awarded the contract, supplying the Paques IC reactor. ARL were subsequently retained to manage the on site build contract on behalf of the client.

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