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Operating in the UK and in International markets, ARL Consulting have long been considered the main ‘go to’ consultants for all aspects of industrial water and effluent management, with extensive experience in a wide variety of industrial sectors and specialising in the food and drink sector. Our levels of professional engineering expertise, vast experience and commercial acumen are considered by many of our clients to make us the ultimate water and effluent management consultants in the UK.

The services available and to be considered depend on our client’s requirements, and may include any or all of the following:

Initial feasibility studies (a full technical and commercial review of treatment options available) including a full assessment of capex and opex and hence a full Return on Investment (ROI) analysis.

Outline design engineering - often referred to as Front End Engineering Design (FEED), which in turn may be used as the basis of a full technical specification.

Negotiation with the Environment Agency or local water plc, depending on the anticipated discharge and disposal route.

Preparation of a full and detailed technical specification.

Advice as to the most appropriate procurement route, including contract terms and conditions.

Full tender management.

If required, we are able to provide full detailed design engineering services, including process, M&E, instrumentation and civils design.

Full on site project management services, again as required by the client.

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ARL Consulting Services FAQ's

Yes we can. ARL look to establish best practice for the site as a whole, rather than concentrating on ‘end of pipe’ solutions. Water needs to be considered as a raw material in its own right which leads to the use of treated effluent as a low or high grade process water, depending on the technical requirements and the cost of treatment compared with raw water costs.

Also, as engineers we are guilty of referring to COD. This should be considered as having originally been a raw material, and therefore an effluent plant s treating lost product - and therefore lost profit !!

ARL can provide senior staff with “expert” knowledge in key areas of water and effluent management 

A number of our staff have extensive experience of working alongside specialist law firms concentrating on a wide range of environmental issues and contaminated land / land remediation law

No problem. ARL provide manpower and / or operational advice during the critical commissioning stage of any new treatment process. This can lead to the rapid adoption of a “turn key” project by company operational personnel. 

ARL Consulting can maintain involvement at any level required to ensure the ongoing efficient, cost-effective operation of the process, this can range from occasional reviews of operational data to more regular service visits and proactive involvement in plant operations.

ARL Consulting are experienced in providing training packages focused on the exact needs and technical level as required by the client. Simon Binyon is an experienced lecturer with the Water Training International group as well as a number of UK Universities where he lectures to PhD and MSc postgraduate courses on advanced water and effluent treatment processes.

We have general courses that we run at Chester that cover all aspects of industrial water and effluent management. For information on our next open course please use the contact form at the top of this page.

We also offer bespoke course on our client's site, which is tailored to the specific needs of that client. Again please contact us above if you would like to know more.