Industrial waste water management – optimising plant operation and minimising cost

Cheshire West and Chester-20110408-00043This one day intensive course is designed for both operators and managers of existing effluent treatment plants and also for managers considering upgrading, and for designers of new plants and process technologies. It looks closely at the optimum operating parameters for the main physico – chemical and biological processes – concentrating on the main aerobic processes whilst also considering recent advances in anaerobic techniques.

Course convenor and principal lecturer will be Simon Binyon (Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Fellow of CIWEM) Technical Director of ARL Consulting, who has over 18 years experience of industrial effluent plant operation and design. Mr Binyon is a regular visiting lecturer to a number of universities and academic institutions and also teaches advanced effluent technology with the leading commercial training schools.

Typical Programme:


  • Screening
  • Sedimentation processes
  • Flotation processes
  • Coagulation and flocculation

Primary effluent treatment

Secondary effluent treatment

  • Main aerobic processes
  • Attached growth systems
  • Suspended growth systems
  • Methods of aeration and associated cost
  • The importance of F:M and sludge age
  • Nitrification/denitrification
  • Use of pure oxygen
  • Secondary sludge settlement / SSVI
  • Sludge management and disposal
  • Membrane bio-reactors

Microbiological examination (Protozoa identification)

  • Selector zones/anoxic zones
  • Advances in anaerobic effluent treatment
  • UASB/IC/EGSB processes

Tertiary effluent treatment

  • Macro filtration
  • Cross flow membrane filtration (product/water recovery and reuse)
  • RO/UF/MF