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ARL Consulting are extremely experienced in all aspects of project and contract management. 

The process generally begins with agreeing with the client as to the preferred method of procurement. For example: Will it be Design and Build Fixed Price contract or more of a partnering Open Book type contract? Each procurement method has distinct advantages and we will advise our clients as to the benefits of each.

Having established the preferred approach, the proposed contract needs to be detailed within the tender package. At this stage it is essential that any factors that may influence the contractor's offer are clearly specified. For example:

  • Payment terms (eg stage payments, retentions, performance bonds etc)
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Details of Construction Completion and Take Over
  • Performance Tests
ARL Consulting can offer advice on all of the industry standard model forms of contract, including:

  • IChemE (Red Book, Yellow Book, Burgundy Book)
  • MF1
  • NEC
Our support can be acting as Project Manager (as defined within the selected contract) and also providing site based staff as required.

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Project Management FAQ's

ARL frequently act in the role of chair of HAZOP groups, or as contributor of technical input - for our own projects or for third party designs. It is also important to highlight that Health and Safety and COSHH regulations require substantial input at the design stage. 

We are also experienced at undertaking Hazardous Area classification and zoning studies according to the national area classification code BS5345 (subsequently amended to EN6001).

Of course. There are a number of proprietary model forms of contract available, such as those published by IChemE, and similar contracts are available such as MF1 and ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers). The advantage of these contracts is that they allow for the normal key events within a contract, such as: Construction Completion, Take Over and Performance Tests.

These are becoming more common in contracting, as they essentially allow all interested parties (typically the client, contractor and consulting engineer) to work together to complete the contract within the predicted or 'target' cost and then to share the savings according to who is also accepting the greater risk.

It very much helps to avoid what might be termed an 'adversarial' approach to contracting. Again there are model forms of contract geared towards this type of approach (such as the IChemE Green Book) which guide all parties through each stage as necessary.